Aftertreatment System / Exhaust Assembly

Sefex provides major sub-assemblies such as EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), and Urea Line for after-treatment and exhaust systems.

EGR Line: Our EGR tube assembly efficiently recirculates unburnt gas vapors from the exhaust manifold chambers back into the engine’s intake manifold. This process, combined with a catalytic converter, enhances engine performance and prolongs the lifespan of critical engine components. The gasses are also cooled before reintroduction.

SCR Line: Designed for larger diesel engines commonly found in commercial vehicles, our SCR lines undergo thorough testing. They offer short de-freezing time, low permeability, and abrasion-resistant shielding, ensuring reliable and effective selective catalytic reduction.

Urea Line: Sefex manufactures Urea lines using high-quality, high-temperature plastic. These lines play a critical role in the SCR system, ensuring the proper delivery of urea for effective emission reduction.